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Select your dishes

You can choose from our wide range menu, including sides, main meals, desserts or even afternoon tea.

You decide when!

Select the most convenient day for you to receive your delicious food. All our menu can be delivered.

Delivered to you

All of our meals can be delivered within 30 miles radius from our Easydine Kitchen.

Ready at your door

Ready at your door, time to enjoy your freshly cooked meal. Once you have received your meal.


At Easydine we are committed to bringing healthy, nutritious, and sustainable food directly to your door. Our small team of professionally qualified chefs with over 20 years of experience who are passionate about creating delicious food.
A large portion of our menu is plant-based. Vegan has come to stay, and that is why around 40-50% of our menu is made up entirely of vegan and vegetarian meals. The desire to be eco-friendly does not have to come at the cost of delicious, well-prepared food.
Easydine is also passionate about sustainability. That is why we mainly use locally sourced, seasonal produce in all of our meals, in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Our continued support of local suppliers means we can produce tasty, high-quality food while also helping the local community and the wider environment.

We also offer

Our delivery service is not all we have to offer. No job is too big for us, so If you are impressed with our meals and want to get more out of our delicious food all you need to do is ask. Why not try our bespoke private catering service, where we bring our chefs directly into your home to do
both exceptional cooking, and stress-relieving cleaning too! We are more than happy to cater parties, our VEGAN menu for these being especially popular. From our totally bespoke garden parties, BBQ preparation, fine dining and large catering, we have every catering service you could possibly need. On top of that, we are not limited in post code or in cuisine, we really can tailor our service directly to you and your needs. To begin your food journey with Easydine simply give us a call!